How to Write a Seo Compatible article?

It is not enough for a website to be included in the indexes of all search engines, especially Google. For visitors to find a website, it must always appear on the first page of search results. It won't work if a website's pages are on page 8 of the search results. This is where the topic of SEO compatible content comes into play. No matter how high quality and reliable the products you sell or the services you provide on your site are, these good features do not matter much if your site is not visible to visitors.

If you want to make a difference with other sites and want to rank high in search results in a short time, you should give great importance to SEO. A unique content with keywords analyzed in detail is one of the most important parts of SEO. By publishing an SEO-compatible content, you will not complete the SEO of your site, but you will meet one of the biggest conditions of SEO. Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the general name of all the work done for websites to show high performance in search engines. Content created to attract organic visitors is called seo compatible article.

There are some steps that must be taken to publish SEO-friendly content. Regardless of the subject of your content or the industry of your site, the following steps are essential for seo compatible articles.

1. Keyword Analysis:

Keyword analysis is the work we decide to define our strategy for. In other words, you must answer the following questions before you start creating your content.

What should I post?

How should I write?

Why do I publish this content?

When you decide to create content, your goal may not be the same as your competitors, even if your site's subject or industry is similar. For example, you can promote food supplements for athletes on your site. But another site may try to sell nutritional supplements for athletes. Both sites analyze the words about food supplements for athletes and reach similar analysis results. However, the methods of using these words in the content may be different. While a website promoting food supplements introduces both the advantages and disadvantages of these products, an e-commerce site trying to sell those products only promotes their advantages and uses content with a persuasive approach. Therefore, it is very important to use these analyzed keywords in the most appropriate way for the purpose of the site, as well as to analyze the words in the best way.

You can use one or more of the following methods to find the search volumes of the keyword or words you will determine for your content.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is actually a tool used for Google Ads, but you can also use it in SEO. However, if your keyword is not suitable for advertising, This great Google tool may not work.

Google Autofill Feature:

When you type something in the Google search box, you'll see suggestions that Google automatically offers. These offers are great tips for SEO work. You can also check the words coming out of these bids from the Google keyword planner and analyze their volume.

Google Suggestions:

You can determine your keyword strategy after doing a search on Google, you can see 5-6 suggestions at the bottom of the results page.

Ubersuggest: You can analyze trend keywords with ubersuggest. It is a great keyword planner.  

2 . Unique and Quality Content

You can create your content yourself or you can work with a content agency. The important thing is that the content on your site should be unique and of high quality. Because all search engines, especially Google, give more chances to websites with original content. A website with unique content is valuable to search engines. The quality of a content depends on the word analysis and its compatibility with the purpose of the site. Not all content on a site can be 100% original. Because rules, laws and scientific facts are expressed in a single way. That's why we can say that a unique content has at least 80% uniqueness.

Is uniqueness enough for SEO friendly content? Of course not. Because a content should be understandable as well as unique. One of the most important conditions for a content to be understandable is punctuation and spelling rules. Using sentences that are full of spelling mistakes or do not support each other cause the content to be of poor quality and difficult to understand.

It should be noted that search engines now use artificial intelligence in many of their operations. This technology structure is also used in indexing the contents. Artificial intelligence can detect whether a sentence is meaningful, any spelling mistakes or punctuation errors. The high number of these determinations means that the content on the site has low quality.

3. Physical Image of Your Content

If a user does not like the page or the content after logging in to a page you have published on your website, things will not go as you wish. So what does this have to do with SEO? Most of the visitors who don't like the physical appearance of your page or content will leave your site immediately. This causes your site visitors to spend a short time on the site. If visitors spend much less time on the page than they should, search engines may see the page as poor quality or perceive these visitors as bot users because they enter and exit the site immediately.

4. Keyword Density

 Keyword usage density is one of the most important issues you need to pay attention to when it comes to SEO compatible content. Because your content may be detected as spam with a fault.

5. Title and Meta Descriptions

 Title and meta descriptions are very valuable in terms of on-site optimization and are one of the issues that directly affect search engine results. You should analyze the title of your content very well and make sure that it includes the keyword. The titles of the content are one of the factors that directly affect the search engine results. The same goes for meta descriptions. Meta descriptions should not be too long and contain one or more keywords.

6. In-Site Linking

In-site linking is a must-have feature for writing SEO-friendly articles. You do not need technical knowledge for this work. You can add a link to an article that you have previously published on the site in another article. Thus, search engines see that your articles are related to each other.

We hope you have had enough information about how to write seo compatible content thanks to this post. You can share with us any questions you have about SEO friendly content.

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